Rare Editions Baby-Girls Infant Lime Brown Stripe Owl Applique Leggings set, 24 Months

Up for your consideration is this adorable dress outfit from Rare Editions. The dress features brown / white stripe long sleeves, rusching below the neckline, owl applique at center, and mixture of rusching, floral, & stripe fabric trims along the hem. Comes with a coordinating brown dotted leggings. A wonderful addition to your little one’s wardrobe.
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American AMMB Shoe Cover, Medium, Black, For 8 – 11 Sizes Shoe

American Shoe cover is made in USA and have non-skid sole -washable-printable and have been in used for five years by major companies to protect their employees and most important to protect their customers from getting carpets or floors dirty when entering their homes.
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DSLR Photo Tip – HDR Photography, How To Do It And Why!

In today’s DSLR photo tip, we will discuss HDR photography, how to do it and why.For some reason, this has become a real hot button issue with photographers. Some swear by it – others hate it!First, what is HDR photography?Defining HDR photography is one of those areas where it can get very detailed and packed with mathematical formulas and whether or not a certain image qualifies and on and on!For this article, we are just going to keep it light and explain the basics. Please, all you technical types – don’t bother sending me all the calculus formulas.HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.In our past discussions on getting great sunset photos, I alluded to several problems. If you expose for the sky, the ground will generally be under exposed and will go black. If you expose for the ground, the sky will be over exposed and get washed out.This is because of the dynamic range of the film or digital sensor. It can only record just so much detail. This is generally known as the standard dynamic range (SDR). When the details in the scene exceed the standard dynamic range, they get lost.

Think of a sunset shot with a silhouette of a person. In SDR you lose all the detail in the person and that is what creates the flat black shape.As I’ve mentioned before, some of the detail can be recovered by using split or graduated neutral density filters. They would hold back some of the light in the sky, allowing the exposure to be more friendly to the ground. But, there is a better way.What if we took multiple shots? We could take a shot of the sky at its perfect exposure, and another of the ground at its perfect settings – then later in Photoshop or some other program, we could combine them!Then we would have a perfectly exposed sky AND a perfectly exposed ground!This is a very simple shot – with two exposures. Typically, there would be at least three. One of the sky’s settings, one “normal” exposure, and one with the ground’s ideal exposure.I’ve seen some HDR photos that go as high as 7 bracketed exposures! Bracketing means that you are shooting at exposures both above and below the “correct” exposure. You are bracketing it.Now, let’s say you’ve done a series of 7 exposures, from way over exposed all the way down to way under exposed. When you combine them, you are going to get a dynamic range that is higher than your computer monitor is capable of showing.That is HDR.It has to do with bits and luminosity and so on… but let’s just say there are several programs that are designed to deal with this issue and work their magic with “tone mapping”That’s a whole ‘nother article.I think the debate over HDR is that it isn’t a “pure” image created in the camera. To work in HDR you MUST have some sort of computer program to combine the images. The HDR haters are the same ones that used to object to retouching negatives or adding filters, etc.

To my way of thinking, it’s the image that counts. If you like it, it doesn’t matter what techniques were employed to get there.The whole point to HDR photography, how to do it and why, is that – if well done – the final result can more accurately display what you saw with your eyes and give you some pretty stunning results.Like everything else, a lot of photographers have gone overboard with the technique and produced some really bad results. I think this is what fuels the anti – HDR crowd.Your assignment for this DSLR photo tip, HDR photography, how to do it and why… Is to go online and look up some HDR photographs and see if you like the technique or not! If so, give it a shot and create some simple ones of your own! Then you can look into some of the HDR programs and become an expert!

Start A Home Photo Business With Little Money

Are you looking to start a home based photography business but think that you need a lot of fancy equipment to start? Do you dread having to create a website? Not to worry, you can’t start a home photo business with little money.My wife always had a knack for photography and was told that she should do it professionally. We decided that it might be nice to bring in a little extra income doing something she enjoys. We had very little money to purchase the equipment we needed.We had already purchased an inexpensive DSLR camera, a Pentax, for around $400. We also bought a tripod (don’t use it much but nice to have just in case), a lot of extra batteries, and Photoshop CS3 (very expensive when it was first released). My wife splurged a little on the editing software, you don’t need to spend as much as we did. You can get less expensive versions of Photoshop that will fit your needs.

Spending money on a nice flash was not an option at the time so we borrowed one from a friend. You can even borrow a friend’s camera while doing your first couple of jobs until you can save to buy your own camera. We did eventually upgrade to a Canon but kept the Pentax around for a backup. This worked out great for when my wife did her first wedding. She used the Canon for the more formal poses and I used the Pentax for action shots throughout the day.When you start earning a little money you can invest it into your business, but no need to rack up a lot of debt when you are starting out. Your customers don’t care if you have an older DSLR or the newest Canon. Nor will they know the difference.As far as a website, you will want your own eventually but not necessary when starting out. Companies like Smugmug will host your pictures for a very reasonable yearly fee.

All of the photography that we do is on site and not at a studio. We either take the pictures at the client’s house or meet at a scenic location. Some places you can go: lake (or ocean if you are lucky enough), county/state park, or a zoo. The winters are brutal where I live so we found a local community center that has a lot of vegetation and water falls that make for a great backdrop.You too can start a home photo business with little money. The equipment isn’t what is important, it is your skills and passion for doing what you love!

VoIP Communication – Technology Helps Your Business

Communication has come a long way from the time of smoke signals. What was new yesterday is considered required today. Technology advances are fast and furious and to keep ahead in the business world you must advance along with it, or risk missing out on the new moon.The speed and effectiveness of your communication infrastructure is vital in today’s marketplace, where clients expect instant results. In addition, your ability to virtualize your office is key in a decentralized and mobile environment. Assisting your customers and making them feel serviced is vital in a world where price comparisons can be retrieved in an instant. Service will set you apart. This is where advanced communication technology can help.The following is an example of how Life Communications LLC assisted a business improve their communications effectiveness, work product and bottom line. Saran Importers Inc. (name has been changed) is an importer of many products, including clothing, undergarments and electronics. They have small offices in California, Michigan and Texas with their headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. The Michigan and Texas offices have two salesmen per location, while the California office has three operations people and one salesman. The Brooklyn headquarters has 10 operations people and three salesmen. For the sake of simplicity, the definition of “operations people” is people who don’t travel extensively, while salesmen do.They had a Lucent Partner system in Brooklyn and small SOHO (Small Office Home Office) Panasonic multi-phones in the remote locations. They communicated with the remote locations by calling them over a regular phone line and with the salesman by office number or cell phones, which they also gave to the clients. Some problems arose from this arrangement. The following are a sample:- High cost of inter-office communications.- Multiple places for voice-mail. Hard to manage.- If the cell phone was dead or otherwise not available the calls went to voicemail or were lost.- If a salesman was unavailable for extended periods (more than one day) it affected communications with clients.- No call accounting. No management of remote offices.Life Communications replaced their Lucent system with a customized PC-based advanced phone system. In the remote locations they put Voice Over IP (VoIP) phones that communicated directly with the VoIP phone system over secure private network DSL lines. This enabled the remote offices to have all the advanced features of the main office.They also setup a feature that enabled the salesman to manage where they can be reached. In doing so, they would be able to give out a single phone number that routed through the phone system. They would direct where the phone would ring or even the order of where they can be reached and the amount of times it would ring by each location. If the call would go to voicemail the voicemail would actually reside on the phone system and a voice file would be emailed to the salesman. Some salesmen chose to have a copy, of the voice file, also emailed to the operations person who handled their accounts.This solved their problems by doing the following:- Cut down, drastically, on the cost of inter-office communications. The costs of the DSL lines are marginalized due to their dual-use as data lines. All calls between offices are now as if they are in the same office, they communicate by calling the extension, not an outside number.- One place for voice-mail, all located on the phone system. Cell phone calls are now called by the phone system and if the salesman is unavailable it puts it in the internal voice-mail. This allows for easier voice-mail management.- Due to the advanced routing feature, calls can ring by multiple places to reach a person who can help the client.- When salesmen are now unavailable the calls can be automatically rerouted to another salesman who can help.- All calls, in all offices, can now be managed and kept track of. Client communications can be more effectively handled.This is just a small sample of the improvements made to the business process. Another advantage to the VoIP system is; as new features, and advancements, come out they can be integrated into Saran’s current platform. Expandability is also part and parcel of this VoIP experience; the system can grow as Saran grows.

Peak Fresh Re-Usable Produce Bags **Set of Two** (20 bags total)

This is a set of two boxes, for a total of 20 produce bags. Peak Fresh produce bags remove ethylene gas to prolong the life and freshness of produce, more than doubling the life expectancy of refrigerated fruits and vegetables. Most fruit and vegetables release ethylene gas after harvest. Exposure to the gas accelerates aging in fruit and vegetables (the expression one bad apple spoils the barrel comes from this process). Unlike ordinary plastic bags, Peak Fresh produce bags breathe so that damaging gases produced by the fresh produce are removed. PeakFresh bags minimize moisture formation and inhibit bacteria growth which helps maintain fruit and vegetables at their peak. The bags maintain Vitamin C levels. To use the produce bag, pre-cool warm fruit and vegetables in refrigerator before storing in bag. Use a separate bag for each type of produce. Produce to be stored should be fresh, dry and undamaged. Expel air from the bag and close using the enclosed ties and store in the refrigerator. Bags should be washed and dried thoroughly before re-use and can be re-used for up to two months. Keep bags away from fire and children.
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